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Welcome to Bali wish you having a great holidays in the early 2015 and a pleasant time.
Team Bali Transport Services is one of the organized owned transport services in Bali with available price, who served with the private car, fully air conditioned, and Experience English speaking driver.

We provide Bali car hire with a private car with fully air conditioned, Experience English speaking driver to explore Bali and surrounded.

The team balitransportservices.com as your brothers in Bali can drive you where ever you need.
We can organize either Bali car hire, full day tour, half day tours, adventure tours or even overnight tours to see the countryside of Bali.

We are very happy to explain and show you the beauty of Bali with it's culture, the real life of Balinese people, traditional Balinese architecture, rice field terrace, landscape, beaches, temples, low coast shopping and much more.

Bali has a rich culture and with the friendly peoples become the Cultural of Bali Tourism very famous in the world either for domistic or even the foreigner.
Besides bali's has a rich culture also Bali famous by traditional entertainment and art of Bali.

Make sure to see the three major dances of Bali, such as:
1. Barong Dance
The movement of the 3 meter long Barong is truly dramatic.
This is based on a dance drama performed of Kunti Parwa.
In the middle of 20th century, it was recreated as a show, adopting the Mahabrata, an Indian epic.
The story centres around the endless fight between the Barong, a sacred beast and a symbol of good, and Rangda a witch a symbol of evil, which together represent the founding philosophy of Bali Hinduism that is: "the world exist only in balance between good and evil."

2. Kecak Dance
This is a stage drama of a chorus based on the Ramayana story, an ancient Indian epic.
It doesn't use gambelan at all.
Many half-naked men form a circle, crying out loud "cak, kecak, cak..." in unison.
In the midle of the circle stand a fire of candles, around which dancers playing the roles of Prince Rama and Princes Sita perform an elegant dance, creating a mystical and wild ambience.

3. Legong Dance
Legong Keraton, said to be the most splendid of all Balinese dances, was created as a show during 19th century at the court (Keraton) of King Sukawati.
Among the various Legong dances the most pupular and classical is Legong Lasem, inspired by a Javanese classic.
Malat, the handmaid called Condong is the star of the musical play, a role yearned for by female dancers.

Bali with the smaller island as the tropical country which has two seasons such as dry and rainy season maked Bali more green and beautiful scenary.

Bali also has the beautiful landscape, padi rice field terrace, two of active volcano, four lakes, beaches, also some of the river nice for adventures.
So Bali becomes good for sightseeing and adventure to spend the time during your holidays.

www.balitransportservices.com gives some of the alternative programs with the Special Price to all of them who want to traveler to Bali, which we divided into Charter Tours Program and Package Tours Program A or B.
You can choose the program either Bali Full Day Tours, Bali Half Day Tours, Bali Package Tours, Bali Combination Tours, Bali Car Hire, Bali Adventure Tours, Marine Sport, White Water Rafting, Cruise in Bali, or even Massage & Spa

Bali Transport Services don't forget said welcome to Bali wish you having a great holidays and a pleasant time to all of visitor who want to join with us.

Bali Transport Services Condition:

  • Charter Tours Program Price/person Minimum 2 persons, include: Private car with fully air conditioned, gasoline, parking fee as the program, and an English speaking driver.
  • Package Tours Program A Price/person Minimum 2 persons, include: Private car with fully air conditioned, an English speaking driver, Ticket retribution fee, Donation fee, Parking fee as the Itinerary.
    Price Excluded: Entrance Ticket of the Dance, Meals, Hotel, personal expenses and tipping.
  • Package Tours program B Price/Person Minimum 2 persons, included: Private Transportation with fully air conditioned, gasoline, an English speaking driver, Ticket retribution fee, donation fee, parking fee, Entrance Ticket of the dances, Meals as the Itinerary.
    Price Excluded: Hotel, personal expenses and tipping.
  • Cancellation fee on the day of departure will be charge 50% for sight seeing Tours.
  • Booking Minimum 1 day before.

For the Travelers who wanted to spend their holidays with Bali Transport Services, please contact directly or send Short Massage (whatsApp) to us +628123604811 Mr. Wayan Bali with pin bbm 264606A3 and got more information with send e-mail to: balitransportservices@gmail.com

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